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the automatic doors guarantee the safety of the passengers and the hydraulic ramps automatically moor the boat to the dock


Exchange of passengers should not be slow



©Automatic Docking System


The automatic docking system allows to dock a boat in seconds, with the only intervention of the Pilot.

Place the Boats platform and dock floor in the same level. Two floor docks, connected to two floor ramps garantee a high passenger interchange speed



The Ship docking operation should not be slow


The revolutionary design of the dock allows the exchange of more than 1600 passengers in a less than a minute.

There are four docks, two for passengers board and two for the landing. London Ship have two floor

Thus the exchange of passengers process is much faster than in a conventional Metro:

  • Hydraulics ramps moor the boat to the dock, automatically, without moorings and bollards
  • 400 passengers for each floor
  • 1,600 passengers for each operation
  • 12 mooring operations by hours
  • Two two floor docks for each ship, one to board, one to get off

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