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Currently, the transport by boat of passengers can not compete with the powerful metropolitan railway


The difficulty in the passengers exchange operations between the boat and the dock, the slow boat speed and the weather incidents, makes unusable waterborne transport as an efficient and massive urban transport. Boat transport, by low efficiency, is relegated to tourist use or to low frequency urban transport systems.


But most of the great cities of the world have developed around large rivers or bays, beaches or large marine estuaries. These elements constitute a free and not used communication channel. We only need to develop technology that could exploit these communications channels quickly, efficiently and economically.


The future urban transport should reuse the natural ways of communication available in the cities, avoiding the creation of expensive infrastructure


It should be Ecological and Sustainable, Secure and Solidary. Must be Silent.


IDEA Metrorio Company has developed and patented the necessary technology to create a revolutionary new metropolitan passenger transport system


The revolutionary system composed of stations, boats, ramps and docks is a solution to use rivers and marine estuaries as a jam-free communication route in the most big cities in the world




IDEA Metrorio S.L.

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